Web Design and Graphic Design FAQs

These web design and graphic design FAQs are to help you get an initial idea of whether my services will be a good fit for you. Browse the content below to find quick answers to some commonly asked questions related to graphic design, web design, and my services in general. Don’t see your question (and more importantly, its answer) in the list below? You can reach out through my contact form to get the answers you need.

What services do you offer?

I offer a variety of graphic design and web design services, all centered around connecting you powerfully with your ideal client. Services include brand design; website design; business card design; social media template design; marketing materials such as flyers, ads, or posters; and custom graphics such as illustrations and infographics. For more information, explore my Services page.

How do you set your pricing?

I usually charge a flat fee for all projects, sent as a quote during the “Proposal” phase of your project. The flat fee is based on a $75/hour rate, and is generated based on how long I estimate a project will take. The flat fee gives you the comfort of knowing exactly what you’ll pay. I do occasionally have clients  who prefer to be billed hourly – if you do prefer an hourly rate, let me know!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! My goal is to make projects as affordable for you as possible (while still being compensated for my time, and without sacrificing a high quality product). If it feels hard to pay the full project cost in one lump sum, I’m happy to discuss flexible, interest-free payment plans in which payment is broken into pieces. The only exception to this is initial project deposits, which must be paid in full.

Do you charge a fee for rush jobs?

I do charge a 25% fee for projects which are requested with less than 2 weeks notice before the project needs to be ready. (So, for example, if someone reached out and wanted a business card designed, and it needed to be ready by the next week, I would charge a rush fee).

What does your process look like?

Although my process may vary slightly from project to project, as I gauge what makes sense based on your needs, the general process is as follows: once you reach out about a project, I’ll usually have you fill out a form so I can gather info on your needs and on your business. This helps us make the most of our initial meeting time, where I get a more in-depth understanding of your business and your design needs.

After the initial meeting I send you a proposal and quote based on your needs. You have the opportunity to request modifications to the proposal if you’d like. Once you’re happy with the proposal, I move onto the actual design!

Design process varies depending on the kind of project you’re hiring me for. (For example, the process for a website is different than the process for a logo; and the process for a logo is different than the process for a business card design). I’ll include a more specific timeline in your project proposal.

Once you finish my design, does it belong to me?

Unless we agree otherwise before starting a project, the designer always owns the designs they create. This means I can use the designs in my portfolio and share them on social media. Out of respect for you, I will always ask before posting your projects on social media and to my portfolio (although I’m not legally obligated to do so).