Creative Graphic Design Work

The Non-Business-y Stuff

Explore creative graphic design projects I’ve worked on, ranging from poster design to illustration.

Poster Design

This poster design was inspired by books written by author Tony Hillerman, as well as inspired by the Navajo culture and characters represented in his books.

Then Quiet Album Artwork

This design was created as a memorial of the attack on 9-11, and was inspired by a collection of interviews compiled by the Library of Congress.

Children's Illustrations

These illustrations were created as part of a set meant to tell the story of an adorable puppy. The style was meant to be artful while appealing to children.

Custom Artwork Raleigh Theatre In The Park

Theatre In The Park Artwork

I was able to design show artwork for Raleigh’s Theatre In The Park. Shows for 2022 include Greater Tuna, The Dresser, The Sweet Delilah Swim Club, The Father, and Let The Right One In.

book cover design

Book Cover Design

This design was inspired by colors and themes featured in the novel. The minimalist design is meant to look modern while alluding to old-style book cover design.

Magazine Illustration

This magazine article illustration and title spread was created to illustrate an article about how the body’s bioelectricity may be harnessed to stimulate healing.

Educational Posters

These posters are designed to teach grammar and science concepts in elementary school classrooms in a more stylish way than most typical educational posters.